Give the gift of hope to a loved one in your life (including yourself) with this special necklace! It features a small pendant with a detailed sunflower stamped onto it.

Sunflowers are heliotropic plants that always seek the sun. During the flower's youth, it's gaze is toward the sky from sunrise to sunset, following the sun wherever she goes. Once the sunflower matures, it faces East so that it can catch the sun's light every morning.

To whoever wears it, this necklace is designed to act as a reminder to look towards the light, no matter how dark life becomes. It's about holding onto hope when things are difficult. This necklace is especially meaningful during these trying times and serves as a symbol of everlasting hope.

The necklace comes on a keepsake pearlescent necklace card featuring a poem that reads:

Like a beautiful sunflower

Standing tall and bright

Keep your head up

And look toward the light


M A T E R I A L: Goldfilled or Sterling Silver

S I Z E: Pendant: .40"x.40" // Chain: 16"