You’ve always been one to set yourself apart from the crowd because you see the beauty in everyone’s differences. You know that self expression is the ultimate form of freedom and your independence is something that you deeply value.

Does this sound like you? If so, then hello, old friend! I'm Sarah, the owner and designer of Zil Jewelry, and we already have so much in common!

Like you, I believe in honoring individuality. Living in a world that oftentimes punishes those who are different, I believe that celebrating your uniqueness is an act of rebellion! We were all born to stand out by expressing who we are and that’s what my jewelry is designed to help you do.

 As a young girl, I viewed the world with a creative eye and found so much joy in being artistic. However, my shy and quiet nature made it difficult for me to outwardly express myself. Fortunately, my mother had a profound influence on me growing up that would eventually change this. She was a vibrant, confident woman who wasn’t afraid to be herself. Never afraid to laugh loudly at a funny joke, sing aloud to a song she liked, or dance wildly like no one was watching. Her personal style was a big part of who she was and she valued it as a form of self expression. Just by being true to herself, she always stood apart.  

Sadly, she passed away when I was only fifteen years old, but her bold essence has always stayed with me. From her influence, I was able to develop the confidence to express myself in life! Because of her, I use fashion and style as a means of expressing my individuality. In fact, “Zil Jewelry” is a way to honor my mother’s beautiful spirit. Her name was Elizabeth and “Zil” is actually “Liz” in reverse! Through her example, I learned that finding confidence in your uniqueness is what makes you distinctive.

Fast forward to 2014! I discovered my love for jewelry-making while I was living in New Orleans. I was 24 years old and a little lost and truthfully, I didn't have a clue what direction to head in. I never felt I was cut-out for a traditional career and lifestyle. My independence had always been a major driving force in my life. One day, I decided to take on a personal project of making an arm cuff. Being the DIY hobbyist that I am, I saw one that I loved, and just had to figure out how I could create one for myself! What I didn’t realize was that this random little project would quickly transform into my life’s work and passion!

 As soon as I started the project and tinkered with the materials, it felt like my spirit and creativity had finally found it’s proper home! I was hooked and so inspired to continue exploring and creating. With this discovery, I uncovered a part of myself that had always been there, but hadn’t been given room to seriously grow. After all, being artistic was always the one area in my life that consistently brought me joy and made me feel confident. 

Jewelry-making seemed to perfectly marry three very important values in my life: independence, self expression, and creativity. So, I decided I had to go for it and carve out my own path! I wanted to design accessories that could act as details to highlight someone’s originality. After some self-teaching and eventually, a metal-smithing apprenticeship with Krista DeJoseph of Queens Metal Jewelry, I was ready to launch my first collection in 2015. Armed with passion, I set out to hand-make jewelry as extraordinary as the person wearing it! 

Zil Jewelry is for those who dare to set themselves apart. It’s for those bold souls who forge their own path by fearlessly expressing themselves. My designs are here to accentuate and elevate your individuality. Let’s face it, you’re already a showstopper with unique style. It’s time to celebrate that and reflect it with accessories as distinctive as you are!