Believe it or not, ZIL first started out as a re-purposed jewelry business called Since Then Vintage. It was 2014 and I had moved from NYC to New Orleans with the intention to seriously pursue life as an artist. I didn’t yet know precisely what that meant, but since I’d always been a creator, I felt confident that I would figure it out.
I was living amongst an incredible artistic community and working at a nightly art market when I first felt inspired to tinker with jewelry. From a local street peddler who scoured the city for treasures, I bought my first handful of antique jewelry bits and pieces. I began to deconstruct and upcycle them into other accessories and found that I LOVED it! With the encouragement of the artists around me, I humbly decided to start my jewelry business. Shortly after, a friend recommended me to a local metalsmith who sold her jewelry at that same art market. She had been looking for a new assistant and decided to offer me an apprenticeship with her. It felt as though the stars had aligned! Under her wing, I learned so much about the art of jewelry-making and the ins and outs of running a small business!
Wanting to break out of the constraints of re-purposing materials, I started ZIL—a completely handmade jewelry collection. The name ZIL (Liz backwards) is in honor of my mother Elizabeth who passed when I was a teenager. She absolutely adored jewelry and accrued an incredible collection throughout her life. I wanted my business to be a nod to her bright soul and amazing style! 
My favorite aspect of owning a jewelry business is the fact that creation gets to be a part of my daily life! I’ve figured out a way to sustain a living doing something that lights up my soul and that’s all I’ve ever wanted for myself.