Zil Jewelry is very excited to introduce Prism Kits: A DIY Jewelry Kit <3

Complete with detailed instructions, this kit includes everything you'll need to make your very own pair of resin earrings! You'll have enough materials to make two pairs of earrings with whatever mold you choose. 

Just pick your color palette and your earring style and get excited about your next fun project! All the fun inclusions that you can mix in, like glitter and beads, will be chosen at random for you based on your color palette.

It's a super fun project for kids and adults alike! You can rest assured knowing that the resin formula is non-toxic and safe for home use when used as directed.

When adding to your cart:

Choose the earring style mold (1-12) that you would like in your kit from the drop down menu

Choose the color palette (A-H) that you would like in your kit from the drop down menu  

What are Prism Kits?

Let's be honest, trying new things isn't always easy and sometimes it takes some serious effort. Oftentimes, the hardest part is just starting!

That's where Prism Kits come in!

They are designed to give everyone the opportunity to learn a new craft without all the fuss of research and the sometimes considerable cost of purchasing the required materials.

Depending on the craft, it can be quite a starting investment, and that means a lot of people miss out on learning new forms of art simply because it's not accessible.

It's SO fun to try your hand at new creative outlets, and with Prism Kits, you can do that easily with ready-to-go materials, step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.

The opportunities are endless, and your creativity is boundless.

Now, let's get messy!